HEIRESS: The Master of Monsters

[Youth Fiction — 13+]

E-Book Available on Smashwords
Online Format Available on Wattpad
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Publication Date: Sept. 4, 2011
Genre: Manga-Lit, Fantasy
Desc.: Thirteen-year-old Eri Seruma and her friends have been thrown into a mystical fight for the future against the Dark Lord Viktor Sufocus and his army of Monsters. Time is running out as the kids face an unbelievable modern day fantasy involving monsters, magic, and a prophecy of the End of Days at the hand of a foretold ‘Child of Destiny’

Rating guide:
– Mild language
– Minor drug reference
– Minor sexual reference
– Tobacco reference

– Fantasy violence

4 thoughts on “HEIRESS: The Master of Monsters

    • Not yet. 😦

      I still need to get the book properly laidout/formatted for E-Reader hardware, and I think Smashwords has to do an approval or something — apparently it’ll be a lengthy process — but I’ll let you know when the book is ready for purchase!

  1. I see you’ve gotten it around! Dude, you should find me. I dug this site up out of my millions of favorites like “I haven’t been here forever..”

    • Hey! Great to hear from you. 🙂 Where are you at these days? If you have Twitter or Facebook, check the links at the side-bar. I’d love to catch up.

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