Heiress in Paperback

Hey guys,

I’ve been dinking around on Lulu for a little bit, and I think it’s about time I explore the possibilities of making my dreams come true: Heiress: The Master of Monsters in an actual physical format.

Nothing is yet concrete (mostly because I’m a broke college kid), but Lulu’s affordable prices make making a physical copy of the book a true possibility.

Despite having gone through the book with a magnifying glass and a red pen about 100 times before its e-book release, I’m still finding GOD DAMN FUCKING typos, grammatical errors, and other little annoying things. So my biggest goal besides getting a paperback version of Heiress on the market is to make sure the thing is P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

Obviously as a writer, it’s difficult to edit your own work, no matter many times you find stuff wrong with it — so I may have to get someone else to go through the book with me to find the typos and errors.

In any case, please check back (all three of you!)  for more information on the coming work of Heiress’s transition to paperback, where it belongs.

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