Shadow Mamba

[Mature Fiction — 17+]

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Publication Date: May. 9, 2012
Genre: Short Story, Pulp Crime, Thriller
Desc.: He used to be the chief of police. Now, he is JUDGE, JURY, and EXECUTIONER. He is SHADOW MAMBA — one mad cat on the hot trail of a cold killer who framed him for murder. Little did the killer know: don’t tangle with the mamba, or else he’ll make you pay – In BLOOD. The day they framed him for the murder of his family was the day VENGEANCE was born. SHADOW MAMBA. RATED R — for REVENGE.

This was E.E. Blake’s final project in her second-year Pulp Fiction literary and cinema course at Humber College Polytechnical Institute, in Toronto. Shadow Mamba won the 2012 Humber College Liberal Studies Literary Award.

Rating guide:
– Coarse language
– Explicit Violence

– References to Alcohol and Tobacco use

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