NEW: Motivation Monday

Image Credit goes to Bridget Mc Dermott.

Embracing an artist’s life isn’t always roses and daffodils, no matter the field you’re called to. There are so many obstacles in our way: lack of time, family and work obligations, among other responsibilities. Even when we do finally sit down to hone our craft, the inner demons that are The Inner Critic and Artist’s Block rear their ugly heads.

Over the weekend, I met someone who confided in me that she is “a writer who doesn’t write”.

Well then, you’re not a writer, I thought.

All of us have that grand opus in our souls that, if only the world could see, we’d die fulfilled. It’s easy to let life distract us, take us for a ride, all while creative expression is pushed further and further away from the forefront.

But if you are determined, dedicated to pursuing the life of an artist – no matter your motivation for doing so, be it stress relief or entrepreneurship – the best, most healthiest, thing to do is become surrounded by mentors and like-minded creatives.

Introducing #MotivationMonday. Your weekly kick in the pants to  spend some time on whatever projects you are struggling with or have dreamed of, via famous quotes from the masters who have come before us.

You can do whatever you set your mind to. We all can. Let this be the start to a week of change – a week of productivity and success for you. No more excuses. Find the time and just do it.



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