About E.E. Blackwood

eeblackwood2Euphoria Blackwood is the author of the manga-inspired young adult novel The Master of Monsters, as well as the award-winning pulp crime romp, Shadow Mamba.

In addition, Euphoria has contributed to Healing Touch, Blurrypron, GTA Gamers, and Retroware TV Her authorship expertise falls between the lines of contemporary horror and Young Adult fantasy.

Creativity has always been a huge part of Euphoria’s life, implemented at an early age by loving and supportive parental units, John and Nancy, retired teachers.

After graduating high school in 2003, Euphoria took a year off to complete her first novel, Master of Monsters. In subsequent years, she went to business school for a web design startup and worked in the food industry and customer service, all while continuing to dedicate herself to the writing craft.

In 2010, Euphoria enrolled Humber College in Etobicoke, Ontario, for Journalism and Broadcast, and minored in film and literary studies. During this time, she wrote and photo-edited for the school weekly, Humber Etc., and contributed to campus industry magazines Scribe, Sweat10308262_10203932966068280_7397853794348639857_n, and Convergence. In addition, she worked as a Residence Adviser on campus in 2012. Needless to say, many emotional breakdowns were had. She graduated from Humber in 2013 with an honours diploma and a couple of writing-related awards under her arm and has since pursued an education in the areas of graphic design, psychology, Zen Buddhism, white witchcraft, and business administration.

Euphoria lives in southern Ontario, Canada with her surrogate cat-daughter, Misty, and is now working on her second novel, The Quest for the Crystals. Readers are encouraged to connect with E.E. Blackwood via Facebook, Twitter, Wattpad, Amazon, and Goodreads.