wind-smallThe Book of Wind

(The Quest for the Crystals, Book 1)

Genre: Young Adult | Fantasy | Action & Adventure | Romance | Light |

Civil war, under the threat of a New World Order, has rocked the world of Vida to its very core.

After canines razed their peaceful farming village, timid skunk Regina Lepue and loud-mouthed hedgehog Dwain Spikeclaw unite as orphans to find answers and revenge for the massacre that claimed their families. But there is more to this tragedy than meets the eye… Global terrorism, messianic prophecies, and a government plot to harness the four World Stones — Vida’s only measure to keep the world’s balance in check.

The author of THE MASTER OF MONSTERS brings you a new tale of high-fantasy adventure, unbridled romance, political betrayal, and psychological oblivion.