wind-smallThe Book of Wind

(The Quest for the Crystals #1)

Genre: Young Adult | Fantasy | Action & Adventure | Romance | Light

“Masterful writing.” – Paul Telegdi, author of “The Stones Series”

The award-winning author of The Master of Monsters brings you a new tale of high-fantasy adventure, unbridled romance, political betrayal, and psychological oblivion.

The World of Vida is war-torn between the forces of the messianic Zuut, and the Retainers who oppose his global rule. As a result, canine bandits have destroyed Altus Village, leaving Regina Lepue orphaned and held hostage to the inner torment of all that has been lost.

Regina has grown up believing that all canines are evil — but what about the nameless canine who fights the Zuut’s rule? His claims that Vida’s World Stones are in peril seem authentic, but can Regina believe this ruthless killer’s “quest for the crystals”? Or is willful attachment to the “safety” of childhood trauma much too precious to let go of?

[Read Part One: The Light Chapter free on Wattpad!]

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