The Rule of the Playground

Genre: Young Adult | Comic | Comedy |

Kiefer Bloodman is a troubled child. A misfit and social outcast at best, the Rule of the Playground, “survival of the fittest”, has become an ingrained way of life for him. But where lies the balance between “survival” and “schoolyard bully”?

This four-paged character study about childhood societal pressure vs. authentic expression was produced and presented for the online-based course, How to Make a Comic Book, led by artist and mentor, Patrick Yurick (of Making Comics fame).

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March of the Androgynous

[General Fiction]

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Publication Date: April 20, 2015
Genre: Short Story, Contemporary Fiction, LGBT Fiction
Desc.: Megan Duffy is going home. A life-long struggle with identity has resulted in a three-year-high retaining wall between flesh and blood. Coming to terms with being disowned by her oldest brother, Megan has decided it’s time to lay the ax to rest — or so she hopes. Megan has learned about life the hard way, but life has one more lesson to teach her about the true meaning of “family”.

Rating guide:
– Mild language
– Themes of Suicide


To celebrate Heiress’s upcoming birthday (September 4th!) I’ve finally been able to put together a publication for Amazon.com’s Kindle service. Along with a meagre 99 cent price tag, the second edition release comes with an all-new, more mature-looking cover (I’m very VERY happy with how it turned out!).

The first edition of Heiress is STILL AVAILABLE FOR FREE at Smashwords, however if you have a spare looney laying about, I wouldn’t mind the support. 😉

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The Quest for the Crystals: The Book of Wind

[Youth Fiction — 13+]

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Publication Date: Sept. 4, 2011
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure
Desc.: Without the power of the world’s five elemental crystals, the world of Vida will fall into darkness. Only the prophecy of the Light Bringer can restore peace to Vida.

In this first novelette of a five part series, Regina Lepue finds herself taken hostage by a nameless vandal, who claims the world’s Crystals of Balance are in peril. Can she believe this ruthless killer, or is there something deeper to his story?

Rating guide:
– Mild language
– Tobacco reference

– Fantasy violence


My young adult e-novel Heiress: The Master of Monsters is now available FOR FREE. Check it out on Smashwords, and tell your friends!


Desc: Thirteen-year-old Eri Seruma and her friends have been thrown into a mystical fight for the fate of the future against the Dark Lord Viktor Sufocus and his army of Monsters. Time is running out as the kids face an unbelievable modern day fantasy involving monsters, magic, and a prophecy of the End of Days at the hand of a foretold ‘Child of Destiny’.

Shadow Mamba

[Mature Fiction — 17+]

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Publication Date: May. 9, 2012
Genre: Short Story, Pulp Crime, Thriller
Desc.: He used to be the chief of police. Now, he is JUDGE, JURY, and EXECUTIONER. He is SHADOW MAMBA — one mad cat on the hot trail of a cold killer who framed him for murder. Little did the killer know: don’t tangle with the mamba, or else he’ll make you pay – In BLOOD. The day they framed him for the murder of his family was the day VENGEANCE was born. SHADOW MAMBA. RATED R — for REVENGE.

This was E.E. Blake’s final project in her second-year Pulp Fiction literary and cinema course at Humber College Polytechnical Institute, in Toronto. Shadow Mamba won the 2012 Humber College Liberal Studies Literary Award.

Rating guide:
– Coarse language
– Explicit Violence

– References to Alcohol and Tobacco use