Copy of Kindle Book Cover Erotica TemplateKilling Sabrina: A Pulp Novelette

Genre:  Pulp Crime | Psychological Thriller | Suspense

Dr. Rodger Cochran doesn’t trust his wife, Sabrina.

While snooping around in her belongings, Rodger discovers a box of diary entries hidden beneath Sabrina’s side of the bed. Thirty-five years of marriage can lead to unanswered questions and eventual deception – and the secret letters confirm Rodger’s worst fears: Sabrina has been cheating on him with a mysterious suitor, known only as “S.M.”

Rodger must now make a choice. Can he confront Sabrina with the threat of divorce and risk his established reputation in high-class 1970s suburbia? Or will he succumb to the murderous jealousy within, and claim his revenge?

After all, Rodger’s done everything for Sabrina. He’s always been so devoted to her, so loving … so jealous.

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